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Rock Excavation

We are experts in HARD ROCK excavations using latest technologies and multiple methodologies for infrastructure projects, industrial buildings, factories, commercial buildings, residential apartments using heavy earth moving equipments.


As technology is speeding up, there is new innovations is happening in the field of Rock excavation to excavate all types of rock at the earliest, even without using any blasting materials and methods. As in city limit where the blasting is strictly prohibited.
We at TNS, practicing, updating and adopting all new ideas, technologies and innovations available in the rock excavation industry to develop ourselves and render the best services to our esteemed clients. Presently we are doing R&D in below mentioned methodologies for hard rock excavation where blasting is strictly prohibited.

Diamond wire saw / diamond rope cutting

Rock cutting, using diamond wire saw machines where blasting is strictly prohibited – negligent sound and vibration.


Chemical expansion mortar

Alternate option to controlled blasting to develop crack and breaking through Heavy Hydraulic Rock Breakers.


Heavy hydraulic rock breakers

Rock breaking using excavator mounted


Controlled blasting

Rock excavation with negligent sound and without flying of
rock chips.


Surface mining

In mass excavation - using rippers mounted to Heavy hydraulic


Rock cutting

Stone block cutting in granite quarries